Lana Turner: "Glossolaliac"

Ploughshares: “Damp Room”

Ninth Letter: "A Galaxy Named Beloved"

Vandal Poem-of-the-Day: "King's Valley" (originally published in Poetry Northwest)

Poetry Northwest: "The Blood's Unwritable Psalm," "King's Valley," and "Out of Body"

The Rumpus: "Ameliorates" and "Of Gut & Gold" (2018)

The Harvard Advocate: “Ascent” (2018)

Zyzzyva: "My Madness Is My Love Towards Mankind" (2018)

The Iowa Review: "The Euthanasia Coaster," "Childtrebling," and "Thaumatropical"  (2018)

The Bennington Review: “Golden” and “Ode to ‘Your Majesty’” (2018)

Conduit: "[Enter Hero]" (2019)

Copper Nickel: "Out of Body" (2018)

Narrative Magazine: "We Said Our Common Ancestor Was Eve" (2017)

The American Poetry Review: "Infidelectation," "Cell + Thief," and "As a Prisoner for the Lord, Then, I Urge You to Live" (2017)

Tin House: "Muzzle" (2017)

Diagram: "The New Pastoralism" (2017)

Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly: "C. Elegans" and "Ghost Dances" (2017)

New England Review: "Philomath" (2017)

Washington Square Review: "Not Everything That Lapses Must Diverge" (2017)

West Branch: "Though I Seem Tame" and "Cadenza" (2017)

West Branch Wired: "Vacancy" and "Persistence of Vision" (2017)

The Scores: "Gray Diggers" and "(Our Burning Is a Glow We Can't Perceive)" (2017)

BOAAT: "(Making Ready)" (2016)

Southword: "Call Her Ghazal" (2016)

Tin House: "Life Expectancy" (2016)